Sonam Kapoor and Punit Malhotra Caught Together

Sonam Kapoor and Punit Malhotra
Sonam Kapoor and Punit Malhotra
Insiders say that Sonam Kapoor and Punit Malhotra haven’t got over each other! Though both are trying their best to stay out of the public glare, they’re too known to go unnoticed. And a late night movie, proved this true!

A few days ago, the two were seen watching a show of Gangs of Wasseypur in suburban Bandra.

Sonam drove up to the private screening on her own while Punit and his friends were already present at the venue. Though they sat together, they made sure to leave separately – Sonam first, Punit later! A friend present at the show tells us, “They did this so that they wouldn’t be caught together by photographers.”

They followed the same policy when they went recently to a cosy dinner at a restaurant. When a media-person spotted them, Punit left the table fearing photographs, while Sonam told the media off.

The same friend however says that, “It’s difficult to go unnoticed. The only time they feel comfortable to be romantic in public is at private parties. That’s when they know there’s no one from outside watching.” However, we can’t figure out what all the hide and seek is about – they’re both single, aren’t they?

Punit and Sonam are rumoured to be in a relationship after they starred in the 2009 release ‘I Hate Luv Storys’ which Punit directed.


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