Kangana Ranaut Spotted with her British Boyfriend

Kangana Ranaut British Boyfriend
Kangana Ranaut British Boyfriend
Kangana Ranaut's boyfriend, UK-based doctor Nicholas Lafferty, is presently on a month-long holiday in India.

We managed to get exclusive pictures of the couple while they were stepping out of a suburban cafe on Friday afternoon in Pali Hill in Mumbai.

Says a source, "Kangana has been dating Nicholas for over a year now, and he has visited her in India a few times, but they've kept those visits a secret.

Being a doctor, Nick is very busy, so whenever he gets some time off, either he comes here or Kangana goes to London so that they can spend some more time together."

Till now, only Kangana's family and close friends knew of Nick's visits to India. But this present trip has changed that. "Now, they are in a more committed space and have made their relationship stronger, which is why they have stepped out in public.

Over the last few days (Nick arrived on June 20), they've been spotted at restaurants and with friends. They're even planning a trek to the north as both are into hiking and adventure sports."

When quizzed about her boyfriend's visit to the country, Kangana admits he's in town and adds, "It feels good to have him in India. We plan to make the most of Nick's holiday here."


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