Vidya Balan watches 'The Dirty Picture' in burqa

Vidya Balan  in burqa
With all the critical praise being showered on her, Vidya Balan wanted to witness the audience reaction in a theatre to her performance in The Dirty Picture.

The puffy reviews by critics are one thing, but what matters for an actor is how the aam janta reacts to their act.

To see that first hand, Vidya Balan decided to watch The Dirty Picture incognito at the Gaiety Galaxy theatre in Bandra.

To conceal her identity, Vidya Balan wore a burqa and took a seat in the upper stall of the theatre.

Well, everything went well until the interval point, when Vidya Balan dropped her guard for a moment and lifted the veil to speak to her father. It took just that much glimpse for an onlooker to spot her and scream “Vidya Balan”.

Now, before the order of the theatre could turn into pandemonium, Vidya Balan acted wisely and made a hasty exit.

Chalo! We hope Vidya got the reactions she was looking for!


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