Pooja Bedi Blasts Salman Khan

Pooja Bedi Blasts
Ever since her eviction from Bigg Boss, Pooja Bedi has taken to her microblogging site to discuss the reality show.

Apart from sharing her experiences in the house, she has been bashing the show's co-host Salman Khan.

Reacting to an episode in which he entered the house and interacted with the contestants, Bedi said, "It's clear Salman went in there to demoralise, confuse, hurt and lie to Sky.

Any guesses as to why he would misuse his position to do so?" She later went on to add that Salman's aggresive behaviour towards the participants was uncalled for.

"Salman previously had threatened Sid, and said, he would kick his arse. Hosts cannot intimidate contestants! Wrong. if contestants are bad, they get nominated and if public dislikes them, they get eliminated.

That's reality TV, not hosts threatening, if Salman can get aggressive with contestants, why is he upset they do so with each other?" Wonder what will happen when she comes face-to-face with Khan on the show's finale night.


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