Players Movie Music Launch

Players Movie Music Launch
A lot of hype was created for Players' music launch. All the lead actors of the movie were to perform stunts in front of a live audience. But it was Bipasha Basu and Abhishek Bachchan who stole the show.

On Friday evening, Bobby Deol, who plays an illusionist in the movie performed the opening act-he disappeared from two different towers. He was followed by Sikander Kher, who blew up a car. Omi Vaidya and Neil Nitin mouthed some dialogues from the film, while Sonam drove a truck and broke a wooden wall. But the most daring stunts were performed by Bipasha and Abhishek. Bips was riding pillion as she crossed a ring of fire and blew up a bus while Abhishek drove a car through a glass wall.

But, strangely when the entire cast of the movie was present, Bobby was nowhere to be seen. His co-actors and director duo Abbas-Mustan failed to give an explanation. Check out 15 more images after the jump.


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