John Abraham To Get Engaged

John Abraham To Get Engaged
Abraham plans to make it official with girlfriend Priya Runchal next year.

Bipasha Basu waited nine years for John Abraham to commit to marriage before eventually parting ways with him earlier this year. But new girlfriend Priya Runchal seems to have done the impossible by getting him to finally mend his ways.

Sources say John is very serious about his new lady love and wants to make it official by getting engaged as early as April 2012, followed by a wedding at the end of the year.

Post his very public breakup, the 38-year-old actor has suffered an image-bashing over stories of how he left Bips in the lurch after all these years, with some even claiming he had been unfaithful.

And now, when she's clearly moved on, John wants to prove a point to the world. In recent times, he's often been quoted saying he's looking forward to settling down soon.

Sources insist he is totally smitten by his 26-year-old financial analyst girlfriend and wants to show the world he's not the Casanova he's been projected to be. We wonder if Priya is banking on it?


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