Bipasha Basu Visits Rana in Hyderabad

Bipasha Basu Visits Rana in Hyderabad
The actress flew down to surprise her "friend" on his birthday on December 14. Bipasha Basu flew down to Hyderabad on Tuesday evening to bring in the birthday of her "special friend" Rana Daggubati (December 14). It was a surprise visit for the birthday boy and Bips made sure no one told him about her imminent arrival.

Says a source, "Bipasha and Rana were in Goa last week shooting and hanging out with friends. Once Rana left, she decided to make a surprise visit to Hyderabad for his birthday. She left from Mumbai the evening before to bring in his birthday with him.

Bips is scared of flying, but that didn't stop her from wanting to spend some quality time with Rana.

Even though she'd bought him an expensive present, for Rana the best gift was her surprise arrival." Bipasha remained unavailable for

comment, but we hear she flew to Bengaluru from there yesterday.


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