Bipasha Basu Experience in Russia

Bipasha Basu Experience in Russia
During her recent trip to the country, Bipasha Basu was tailed by a man who refused to leave her alone, until her male co-stars arrived at the scene
Male attention is not something she is not used to. But this time, Bipasha Basu had a tough time dealing with it.

It was on a recent trip to Russia, during the shoot of her next, that Bipasha took a break from the schedule to explore the local markets at St Petersburg.

A member of the film unit told Mirror that Bipasha was exploring a few shops that deal with jackets, when she realised that she was being followed. "She had spent some time inside a shop and had stepped out only to realise that someone was watching her.

In a few minutes she realised that this person was following her wherever she went," said the unit hand. Initially, the sultry actress did not bother, but when it became clear that the man was refusing to let her out of his sight, she panicked. She tried walking faster, but he kept up with her pace.

She even tried getting into a coffee shop, hoping that the crowd would put him off, but that did deter the stalker.

It was only after Bipasha called her co-stars from the coffee shop and told them about the stalker that help arrived.

Bipasha confirmed the incident. She said, "I decided to drop into one of the local stores and to my horror I realised was being followed by this gentleman who refused to leave me alone. It was a scary experience. I immediately called Omi and Sikander who rushed to the spot within minutes."

The moment the two men arrived at the coffee shop, the stalker vanished. The incident forced the unit to assign a security personnel especially for Bipasha.


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