Freida Lets Secret Out

Freida Lets Secret Out
Freida Pinto has been doing the rounds of US talk shows promoting her latest release.

During one such interaction with Jimmy Kimmel, the actress hinted she might get engaged to boyfriend Dev Patel in the coming months.

During a segment break of the show, the Slumdog Millionaire actress admitted to Kimmel that she's serious about Dev and wants to take their relationship to the next level.

Since going public about their relationship, Dev and Freida have often spoken about the challenges of maintaining it despite gruelling work schedules. Dev is based in London while Freida in Los Angeles. On the Kimmel show, Pinto revealed they try and find ways to spend time despite shuttling between the two cities. However, this is the first time Freida has hinted about taking their relationship to the next level.

A source reveals, "Freida has discussed a possible engagement with her parents in the coming months. The only thing coming in the way is their work commitments. While Dev is set to appear on a TV show in the US, Pinto has taken on two new projects that begin in early 2012. They are working towards finding a suitable date."

While marriage will follow eventually, they aren't in a rush to get to the altar. Meanwhile, Pinto's spokesperson maintains that there are no plans of an engagement. "Freida is not getting engaged anytime soon. She is on the final leg of promotions for her film and has got two more films due for release early next year. She's extremely tied up with her work commitments and is not planning on settling down anytime soon."


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