Katrina Kaif ready to do anything for Salman

Unlike many couples, who don't see eye to eye after break up, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif are still close to each other though they are no more an item.
In fact, Katrina is ready to do anything for Salman and his family, as they have showered lots of and support at the initial stage of her career.

As if to repay the Khan khandan for their immense love, Katrina has apparently shot an item song in Bodyguard without charging a penny. Producer Atul Agnihotri said that it's so gracious of her to take the item number.
She added that she has always been supportive of their work and is ready to help in all possible ways.

Katrina may have parted ways with Salman but the Khans still consider her as part of the family. Atul said that they have known her for years and is part of their family. He added that she had earlier done his film, Hello for free.


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